I have finally got around to blocking three shawls today. They’re all green and I finished them all ages ago. It was also a chance to try out the Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse that I got for Christmas.

The major thing though was that I finally used the blocking wires that I bought from Heirloom Knitting in 2005.

Photos of shawls to come soon. Next thing on the blocking list are a jumper and a cardie/jacket that have been sat waiting for the pieces to be blocked for best part of a year. Then I just have to seam them and do button bands and that sort of thing.

I Want To Knit All The Things

To be precise, I want to knit almost everything from Contemporary Irish Knits (Ravelry link) by Carol Feller. I recentlytreated myself to this, it’s the first knitting book I’ve bought for ages and the first knitting pattern book (as opposed to a technique book or something by the Yarn Harlot) for a very long time.

I love pretty much every pattern in the book but the one that really jumps out at me is Killybegs. I want to knit it now. Except that I have another half dozen jumpers that I also want to knit now and at least three in progress.

I’m also spending more time spinning than knitting at the moment so that’s another distraction. I have a huge pile of socks that need darning, a few socks in progress to finish and a hoodie for Rhianwen. We won’t talk about the few lace projects I’ve got on the go somewhere. I also need to wetfinish a few skeins of handspun and block a scarflette I knit for Nanny Peggy.

Something I have actually acheived is that I have filled a newly purchased bookcase in the craft room with fibrecraft books. I have a smaller bookcase that I intend to fill with sewing/quilting and other misc craft books. Of course, the entire craft room still needs organising…